Our Services

Our most important legal services



On behalf of our clients, we plead and defend all cases before the courts of all degrees and specializations, and represent the judicial and arbitration bodies and committees.

Personal Status, Inheritance and Endowment

We deal with all lawsuits arising from personal status issues, estate inventory, dividing and selling inheritances, and is suing inheritance checks.

Zakat and Taxes

We provide legal advice regarding problems that may arise with the relevant authorities, and we submit objections to the relevant committees.

Studies and Research

We prepare legal studies, research and make recommendations to achieve goals by legitimate means

Contracts Drafting

The specialized advisory team at " Ryiadat Al-A’amal " is interested in drafting and preparing contracts based on their experience and knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses - utilizing professional clauses that contribute to avoiding any potential problems in the future.


It is one of the most important tributaries of justice, so our company provides the service of drafting arbitration documents and representing them before arbitral tribunal. Whereas choose the best specialized offices in various
branches of law in internal and international arbitration

Settling Disputes by Alternative Methods

Settling disputes before resorting to court is one of the lofty and noble values that we seek in order to stop the conflict and reach a solution that satisfies both parties, to avoids risk and maintain a friendly relationship between them. In providing this service to our customers, we rely on the efficiency of the service provider and his ability to mediate and negotiate

Commercial Papers

These are commercial papers that serve as cash in fulfillment of transactions. Usually characterized by ease of creationand transmission when the necessary essential data is available, however, fulfillment of the right to it may require instituting lawsuits for the claim in substance or execution.

Annual Consultancy Contracts

We specialize in this service for both local and foreign companies and institutions, where you may wish to install a legal advisor to carry out all legal works related to its activities , according to a specific agreement binding terms for both parties.

Regulations for Companies and Institutions

We prepare the regulations governing the internal environment of the facility in order to preserve rights in a way that contributes to reducing potential opportunities for labor disputes to arise, in accordance with the labor system and its executive regulations.

Disputes and Procedures

We provide legal advice and possible solutions in all disputes and procedures of Administrative, Labor, Commercial, Real Estate, Industrial, Maritime, Customs and Banking.


We assist our clients in implementing all verdicts, judicial decisions, verified arbitrators' verdicts, commercial papers, conciliation records, wills, and documented documents.

Endowments and testamentary

Drafting and preparing endowment and testamentary documents in accordance with legal and regulatory requirements, structuring endowments, and formulating and preparing regulations and appendices specific to endowments, associations, or family funds.


Legal representation before the judicial authorities in inheritance cases, liquidation and division of inheritances, and dealing with the diverse assets of the inheritance, and managing the inheritance until it is liquidated in a legal and orderly manner.


Documentation service includes agencies, releases, mortgages, and financial declarations.