Ryiadat Al-A'amal
Law Firme

Ryiadat Al-A’amal Law Firm is a professional specialized entity. Our members utilize their competencies and experiences to provide comprehensive legal advice and services to members of civil society and business sector employees in accordance with the highest standards of fulfillment and in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ryiadat Al-A’amal performs a social role giving back to the community so everyone enjoys its benefits. It demonstrates and promotes social responsibility by presenting programs and initiatives and ensuring that they achieve their desired .goals in order to serve the community

At Ryiadat Al-A’amal we believe that the keys to success lie in the effective management of our work teams, focused effort, development of human resources, and the .ability to set new standards for quality.

Our Message

We intend to maintain the prestigious reputation of our Law Firm and the leadership in the field and address of non-traditional legal consultancy services known for their proficiency and accuracy b understanding the details of clients’ issues and requirements and effectively achieving its own objectives

We are pleased to provide comprehensive law services to achieve the interests of our clients and the confidentiality of their data and privacy in order to reach the best results by benefiting from long experiences and the use of modern technologies. Our leading legal services are characterized by quality and accuracy.

Our Values

In our work, we depend on absolute commitment and practical application of the values we believe in, the most important of which are

and Integrity
Continuous development and success
Commitment to high morals
Work as one team

Our Vision

To move with dignity based on the pillars of determination, patience, and unrelenting will to establish noble values and principles for the legal profession; the application of right and justice in cooperation with half of us in the seated judiciary and; access in our society to the keenness of its members to respect the regulations and those who implement them.

Our Goals

We aim to showcase high quality professionalism in our provision of statutory and legitimate services to support our clients, keep pace with their needs, take care of their interests, and build a bridge of mutual trust between the two parties.

Our Staff

We have a team of consultants, experts, and legal cadres who utilize their expertise and capabilities to meet the requirements necessary to achieve the desired goals of our clients. and legitimate goals and aspirations of our clients